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The PureBoost™ mCherry mRNA contains a codon-optimized nucleotide sequence of the red fluorescent protein mCherry derived from the Discosoma sp . protein DsRed. The excitation maximum of mCherry is at 587 nm, its emission maximum at 610 nm. It is commonly used as a positive control for mRNA transfections and for transient labeling of cells by transfection.


  • mRNA length : 1179 nts
  • Concentration: 1mg/ml
  • Buffer: 1 mM sodium citrate, pH 6.4


PureBoost™ Technology

Cellerna mRNAs are produced via PureBoost™ technology which maximizes protein expression and minimizes mRNA immunogenicity. PureBoost™ is a proprietary technology which combines novel advanced capping and ultra-purification processes of in vitro-transcribed mRNAs that have been optimized for robust protein expression. Uniform polyadenylation (110 bp polyA-tail) and almost perfect capping (Cap1 > 98%) mimic natural mRNA and ensure efficient translation. Sequence engineering or chemical modification reduces the innate antiviral response to single-stranded mRNA.


PureBoost™ mCherry mRNA

SKU: 3001
    • Gene Name : dsRed
    • Species: Discosoma sp
    • Encoded protein: mCherry
    • Function : Reporter
    • Protein Sequence 
    • Codon Optimization: Yes
    • Application: Positive control for mRNA transfections
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